Prerna Sunderraman |

‘Street’ Food Court: Interpreting the Khau Gallis of Mumbai

Guide Tanishka Kachru
Sponsor Surabhi Foundation for Research and Cultural Exchange
Keywords crowd concentration junctions;linear navigation;master layouts;spatial analysis

The objective of this project was to design an indoor space for the Living Heritage Centre, a cultural theme park in Mumbai. The scope of this project included delivering an overall theme, concepts, and master layouts for one of the food court spaces of the theme park.

Since the project was still at the fund-raising stage, conceptual renders of space were the final deliverables required. Various case studies were analysed. A field study was conducted to map all the khau gallis of Mumbai. Detailed spatial analysis of the Living Heritage Centre was done. Four ideas/design directions for Food Court 2 were presented to the client. Combining all of the ideas, one final concept note was formulated for going ahead with explorations for the master layout of the entire food court space.

The final layout had a linear navigation flow to keep up with the experience of walking along the khau gallis of Mumbai, and recreating their crowded and claustrophobic nature. But the stall positions were altered to improve the crowd flow through the space to avoid bottlenecks and crowd concentration junctions. The final deliverable submitted to the client comprised conceptual renders of space with the master layout. The next stage included the final high quality renders of both spaces by building a fully detailed 3D model of the spaces with the designed elements.

The scope of work provided an opportunity to enhance one’s academic learning and work with a team of experts. It was a holistic experience in design, right from conceptualisation to detailing.
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