Sandip Chauhan |

Shri Hanuman Chalisa Interactive App and Holographic Projection

Guide Sajith Gopinath
Sponsor Charuvi Design Labs, Delhi
Keywords interaction design;mobile devices;remediation;user experience

The project involved two main sections: designing an interactive application, and designing a holographic projection, both based on an animation short film, Shri Hanuman Chalisa.

The interactive application was a remediation of the animation short film for iPad and Android tablets. The application was playful in nature and also provided a platform for sharing the stories of Hanuman, the Hindu deity. It aimed to educate the user about Hanuman in an engaging, playful, and non-obtrusive manner. It also offered a feature where the user can dedicate prayers. To incorporate all such features in a single app, intensive understanding of user experience and interaction design was required. It was a challenge to design and develop the application in a very short time without compromising on the quality. Various methods of prototyping were used for the communication and testing. Working prototypes were used iteratively for user testing; this improved the interaction design.

By using holographic projection, the intention was to bring the characters of the animation film alive, thereby, merge the boundaries between digital and physical entities. Different materials were tested to achieve appropriate quality of visuals in holographic projection. To make a safe and reliable structure capable of holding heavy glasses was a challenge. Experimenting with holographic projection and physical objects was interesting. The project has offered an understanding of structure, optical properties of materials, and experimentation with projection.

These two projects provided rich experiences pertaining to technology, management, and art. Many types of prototyping were learnt, including wireframes of the app, video prototypes, small scale mockups of holographic projection, 3D models, working prototypes, and semi working prototypes. Many aspects on users’ behaviour while using mobile devices were understood. The project helped improve one’s understating of interaction design for different contexts.
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