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Divine Response: Augmented Reality Installations

Guide Sajith Gopinath
Sponsor Charuvi Design Labs, Delhi
Keywords gesture detection;interaction design;Kinect;rituals

This project was about creating an augmented reality experience, conceptualise, and implement an installation for the exhibition and public space for promoting the short film Shri Hanuman Chalisa. Research involved a study of the Hanuman Chalisa, mythology, and rituals; all this helped implement interpretation in the form of augmented reality installation.

The religious-cultural artefact, Hanuman Chalisa gives hope and makes one aware and conscious about the self. After studying the relationship between space and rituals associated with it, the concept of the deity responding to the devotee in a manner that it can be sensed by the latter was created. The new media tool, Augmented Reality, was used to create these artefacts which conveyed the response of the deity.

In the prototyping stage, Kinect was used as the hardware for implementation. Any programme that would be used in the project would require gesture detection. In the final design, the devotee, on seeing the reflection gestures with a Namaste, after which the aura is seen and the light beam flows towards the devotee. Options to visualise the aura and make it dynamic were implemented. Neon colour particle was used to give the property of light. Rose equation was used to create dynamic flower patterns, as the final chakra would be represented as a loŽtus. Barring the heart chakra, the size of all chakras was reduced and the white coloured light beam made coincident with particles.

The project gave one a chance to study human relationship with respect to space and culture and implement one’s interpretation of interaction in the given space. It imparted the necessary skills to execute an interaction design project at a professional level.
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