Priyanka Borana |

Mind Body Soul

Guide Vineet Diwadkar
Sponsor A B Design Habit and Co. Pvt. Ltd
Keywords experience mapping;experiential;narrative environments;universal language

This project focused on designing the Mind Body Soul galley in the Living Heritage Centre. The idea was to come up with a narrative story and conceptualise it an experiential zone to communicate the content. The gallery is relevant for people of all age groups or culture; the content although is in the context of Indian principles and values.

The design process began by understanding how the company perceived the project and its context. The next step was absorbing the collected information, filtering it, and analysing it to formulate a narrative structure. Then, a story line based on the narrative structure was developed. The second phase included ideation of the gallery layout and experience mapping. It also included conceptualisation of a schematic spatial design and its development and finally detailing of the finalised concept.

The project became an experiential and show-based space where the audience is explained the connection between man and cosmos and how the various components of it play a part in our life, health, and spirit. Some of the objectives of this project included: celebrating the legacy of oral traditions of India, creating a universal language for all age groups and cultures. The project is a systems design project which means it has to be understood in its totality where my contribution would be to conceptualize a specific part in it. Hence, was important to evaluate the design at each point as it had to be different in terms of experience, while being relevant as a part of the whole system.

The project helped understand narrative environments and gain knowledge on Indian concepts of spirituality and health. It also taught one to be patient, persistent, and self- motivated in times of crisis. Overall, it was an enriching and enjoyable experience.
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