Rhea Rawat | rawatrhea@gmail.com

Magic Show for POGO

Guide Tanishka Kachru
Sponsor POGO (Turner International)
Keywords advertising standees;design development;magic props;project management

This project focused on designing small to large scale magic props, overlooking the creation of these props, and supervising the art team. The props had to be simple, colourful, and interesting. They needed to appeal to children and help them grasp and understand the right message. The design also needed to be intelligently woven into the programme script.

Work was done on 26 episodes and some of the responsibilities included: research on magic, magic tricks, and simplifying the tricks; making all the graphic elements in the frame on the show, including the backdrops, posters, advertising standees, backdrop flags, and graphic details on individual props; constantly create different background walls and setups for different sections and tricks on the show.

It was indeed a privilege to have played a key role in this challenging and exciting project, right from the brainstorming and design development process on paper, through to the production and construction in actual materials and finally, to the set up and the pack up on sets. This was an insightful, hands-on experience.

The project was indeed a great experience of working in the television industry with a reputed company. There were deadlines to be met every day and they were dedicatedly followed. The project helped learn the practical modalities involved in an action-based entertainment show. The quality of work done and the industry exposure gained has refined one’s skills in terms of design thinking and project management. Dealing with constraints and finding possibilities among them has given the confidence to work on similar projects in future
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