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Proposal for a Film Museum

Guide Tanishka Kachru
Sponsor Xheight Design Associates
Keywords content mapping;film museum;Indian cinema;spatial model

Cinema has been an integral part of Indian reality and life for more than a century now. During the initial years, the socio-cultural importance of films and aspected related to filmmaking were not given due recognition by the film industry. Thus, the project brief proposed a design overview for a film museum that would archive material on films and help preseve Indiaís film heritage.

Research included a detailed study on the history of Indian cinema; this helped to devise themes for the galleries. A study of other film/artefact museums was done to understand a museumís primary functions for adapting them to the clientís vision. The scope of work included a system to document the collection, digitise it, and arrange it thematically for easier access and better preservation. It also required outlining the aims and objectives of the museum and proposing a model for the development of the museum and its evolution in the coming years.

The process included devising a schematic spatial model for the museum and allotting spaces for key activities.It was also necessary to chalk out a suggestive visitor flow for the proposed spatial model. A study on the history and various aspects of Indian cinema, through research, discussions, and interactions with researchers and personalities related to the field of cinema, helped devise a structure for content mapping and proposing themes for the museum galleries. Suggestions for the ambience for some of the museumís key features; namely, the theatre lobby, the cafť, and the atrium was also part of the project.

This project was provided a first-hand experience of designing master plans and interiors. It taught also nuances about content distillation for museums and instilled the confidence to deal with large scale projects singlehandedly.
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