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Ninja Strike

Guide Gayatri Menon
Sponsor Jump Games (India)
Keywords feature phones;game design;gameplay;game mechanics

The objective of this project was to design a feature phone game for players of a diverse demographic and engage them in escapist and simple play through the medium of feature phones. Nowadays, mobile phone games have a massive reach in the media and entertainment space.

Brainstorming sessions, mind-maps, surveys, interviews, and experimental research helped understand the target audience. Feature phone games are mainly sold through network carriers or operators’ portals; this meant there would be only a few lines of text and perhaps a screen shot of the game for exciting the customer. Theme boards and mood boards were used to maximise this engagement.

The gameplay, rules of the game, and game mechanics had to be designed. The game’s story had to be conceptualised, including its setting, characters, and plot. Working with an interdisciplinary team, all the elements of the game were iterated and worked upon to get the most engaging experience. The goal was to create a prototype with a mechanism, which through its simplicity of controls, provided surprisingly complex gameplay. Emphasis was on easy controls and on hand-eye coordination. It was a journey full of interventions, trials and errors, and rectifications that broadened one’s knowledge of the medium of games.

It was a great experience working at the core level of game design. What really gave a sense of fulfillment was submitting a game design document, a document with ideas and vision; the team would refer to it with regard to art and programming. Seeing one’s work being transformed into the actual game on mobile phones was indeed the most encouraging stage of this project.
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