Lakshya Shrivastava |

Interactive Experience Design for Retail

Guide Nijoo Dubey
Sponsor Design Matrix
Keywords add-on services;multitouch table;retail sector;Tangible User Interface (TUIO)

Design Matrix wanted to provide their client, Canon, with add-on services as a part of its retail design package for its Canon Image Square showrooms.

Historically, retailers have invested heavily in transaction systems, merchandising systems, and supply chain technologies in order to drive down costs through increased efficiencies. Having maximised possible savings in labour and operations, retailers are now focusing on increasing top-line revenue and customer lifetime value. This is being enabled by a new generation of in-store experiential technologies that allow retailers to deliver a superior shopping experience. The retail world is constantly evolving and recent economic events are reshaping the consumerís notion of value. Todayís consumers expect their shopping experiences to be personalised, relevant, and enjoyable.

It was a challenge to create an experience for customers that would not just interest and educate them but also solve practical problems that hinder purchase. Interacting with customers and understanding the gist of the imaging market helped choose the right tools to tackle the design problem and move from merely interaction with customers to giving them a memorable experience.
Other than conceptualisation, technical aspects of the project were explored, especially programming in processing and learning some of the features of the Kinect sensor. Research in the field of Computer vision, Kinect hacks and Tangible User Interface (TUIO), led to the making of a robust installation that helped turn a static Demo island table into a more interactive multitouch table.

This project informed one about important aspects of designing for the retail sector, especially on consumer mindsets, perceptions, and decisions.
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