Ajay Kumar | azay.coomar@gmail.com

Innovation Concepts

Guide Rupesh Vyas
Sponsor J P Morgan Chase & Co, India
Keywords employee engagement;iPortal;metrics;user experience

The project provides an insight into innovation concepts (iConcepts) and how they can help address some key challenges facing Broker Technology services.
iConcepts is a holistic approach to foster innovation across technology and
processes. It adds value by leveraging technology trends that can benefit the end client and provide faster,cheaper, and better solutions to improve day to day management and group level processes such as communication, training, local partnerships, metrics, and employee connections.

Each of these groups represents either technology, innovation, tools/methodologies, or people groups that facilitate workplace resources, learning or fun at workplace.
As the team grows, there is a need to centralise information available for iConcepts. Till now, there were iConcepts which had their own portal but many are missing an e-presence. The iPortal would collate all the information available for the iConcepts and this would be available via a single URL.

This is a new development and there are no existing features to describe. Albeit, some of the iConcepts have their individual portals, which would now be integrated into the
new portal. A new portal is to be built for collating all the information available for
the iConcepts. Recognising how user experience can give iConcepts a significant advantage is a starting point. From there, to get involved in user experience, it is essential to first have a complete understanding of it and this project sets out in detail what is required to do so.

It describes the research done along with the framework in which user experience operates. iConcepts is a very different way of approaching employee engagement and satisfaction and this project defines the essential role that user experience can play in nurturing innovation through the creation of outstanding holistic user experience.
Communication Design
AFD (22)
GD (28)
FVC (13)
ED (6)
IID (14)
PHD (6)
I.T. Integrated Design
NMD (12)
DDE (11)
Interdisciplinary Design
DRE (15)
SDM (11)
Industrial Design
PD (28)
CGD (7)
FID (13)
TAD (10)
TGD (8)
Textile Design
ADM (10)
LAD (13)
TD (23)