Young Designers 2009

Ujjwal Utkarsh
Film and Video Communication | PGDPD
A Short Fiction Film
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> Inner conflict
> Happiness
> Exit
> A Natural death
My film was titled “Antardvanda” which means ‘inner conflict’.

While several books and short stories have captured my attention over the years, I have always been enthralled by Albert Camus’ book “A Happy Death” (1974). I decided to focus on the first part of the book “The natural death”. I was intrigued by the basic philosophical argument – about the need of money for happiness and the pursuit of happiness as the sole aim for life. Unlike the basic general notion about “buying happiness”, what Camus has suggested in this novel is not money as a tool to “buy” happiness, but money as being the basic necessity and the possession of which would rid one of “worldly” problems, thereby making that person “capable” of trying to achieve a state of happiness. What particularly fascinates me in the story is the plot t, wherein a man who is seemingly leading a quiet and peaceful life is suddenly given an opportunity to ‘exit’ and shown the possibility of a ‘happier state’.

My adaptation focused on a story centered around three characters: Pramesh, Zaheer and Preeti. There was a temptation to go back to the book and see how my adaptation matched up with Camus’ interpretation,I began to feel a sense of ownership over the film and I wanted to retain it.

During the making of this film, things that were happening in the film and the making of it were affecting my life. The intertwining and meshing of real life and cinema was interesting to experience.
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Ujjwal Utkarsh
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