Young Designers 2009

Ahsam K. R
Film and Video Communication | PGDPD
CHAATTALMAZHA - A Short Fiction Film
Guide Arun Gupta
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> Drizzle
> Nostalgia
> Malayalam
> Flow of life
I named my film Chaatalmazha which means ‘drizzle’ in Malayalam. A drizzle indicates the onset of rain. In this film, the drizzle is a metaphor for childhood, where everything is as momentary as a drizzle. In my mind, childhood is fresh, a beginning, nostalgic, bringing back memories. The drizzle also represents the character of the main protagonist (Geetu).

She doesn’t create a big impact like a heavy rain, but grows on the audience slowly like a fresh drizzle. Geetu is a mix of many characters I have come across in life. There wasn’t any logic to the way Geetu’s life unfolded. In this story, everything just happens. There is no logic to why it happens. It just happens, and from there the story flows.

My initial focus was only on the technical, budgetary and scripting aspects of film-making. However, later, I also developed the ability to inspire people and mobilize them to work towards one common goal through making them feel that they were an integral part of the film, not just actors playing discrete roles.

My film is a stand-alone endeavor. There is no intent to showcase a cause that needs to be furthered. The film is simply a shot, a slice of life. There is no moral, no intent to educate. I want the viewer to take away whatever aspect resonates with him/her. But the central tenets which the viewer may perceive may be to follow one’s heart; or to live life to the fullest; or to celebrate life.
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