Young Designers 2009

Mrinalini Kannan
Animation Film Design | PGDPD
PECH (A Short Animation Film)
Guide Shilpa Das
Sponsonr Self Sponsored
> Animation film
> Animal rights
> Uttrarayan
> Kites
My animation film, titled “Pech” , shines the spotlight on the lesser known aspects of Uttarayan, the colorful festival of delightful splendor when the sky is dotted with kites of various hues and shapes. Whilst everyone is totally engrossed in the celebration of the festival, hundreds of birds are euthanized and the rest are paralyzed for life. It is the destruction of life amidst the joy and celebration.
The central story focuses on two kites. With the growing fervor of the festival, two kites are engulfed in war. Each one is trying to cut the other. Suddenly, the attacking kite rockets down in a power drive, cutting the other kite’s flying line and soars up into the sky claiming victory. The defeated kite sways in the air like a falling leaf and drops to the earth. Meanwhile a pigeon is busy making his nest. While flying to and fro and gathering twigs to his nest, he gets caught in a kite-fight (manjha). A contrast is drawn between both the events. While one kite ascends to victory, the pigeon drops to the earth after his wings get slit by the manjha, just like the defeated kite.
This film was my first solo-venture. I independently conceptualized backgrounds, storyboards, animation and handled the editing and clean-up without a team. A sense of achievement prevails with the solitaire product that I have created. I am very pleased that I have been able to channelize my design education towards showcasing the cause of animal rights.
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