Young Designers 2009

Priyanka Chhabra
Film and Video Communication | PGDPD
Taana Baana: A Fiction Film
Guide Shilpa Das
Sponsonr Self Sponsored
> Dostoyevsky
> Inner conflicts
> Epistolary formats
> Grey areas in relationships
My film was self-sponsored. I wanted to keep my freedom of expression intact. The film is inspired from Fyodor Dostoyevsky’s first novel, ‘Poor Folk’ which is Dostoyevsky's first novel, and is written in the epistolary format. This is my perception of the story as I imagined it.

An old man who lives in a rented room starts directing his affection and need to care and love someone towards a young girl who lives across his window. They express their feelings by communicating through letters, which gives their relationship an air of secrecy. The structure of the story is such that the voice over is the reading of the letters by the character of the old man. Through the letters the relationship between the old man and the girl is revealed a secret within the community that they are a part of. There is no on-screen dialogue between the two. The only dialogue in the film happens between the second old man, a friend of the protagonist. Even he does not know about the relationship between the old man and the young girl. Only the audience is made a party to their secret. In the film, the girl eventually decides to leave her house and move on. When the old man visits the house, he finds it empty and he re-reads the letters.

Also, I had started with several preconceived-notions which I had to work through and acquire flexibility. It gave way to new expansion. The biggest learning for me is the importance of unlearning what one already knows.
Communication Design
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Film and Video Communication 13
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