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Manish Saini
Film and Video Communication | GDPD
GullaK (The Piggy Bank)
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Gullak (The Piggy Bank) is my first independent short film. The story is based on a collection of real incidences from my childhood. The film is about a brother and sister pair Dipu and Cheeni and their struggle to pay off their debt to the local bully, Gagan. Times are tough, but Cheeni somehow manages to buy a piggy bank for Dipu.

With their grandfather’s help, the children begin saving cash. Dipu does not like milk, and his grandfather tries to make him drink it by bribing him with a two rupee note to put in the Gullak. However, he secretly removes it every day and ‘recycles’ the same note the next day. Dipu keeps striking out dates on the calendar. On that particular morning Dipu and Cheeni wake up early and are really excited. They strike the Gullak to the ground. They are shocked to find that there is a fifty-rupee note amidst the pieces. Cheeni answers that Dada says that money ends up in the Gullak, so the two rupee notes must have added up to the fifty rupee note. Satisfied with that explanation they leave with the money.

The film is about relationships. Gullak is a medium through which solidarity between the brother and sister evolves. The grandfather also takes Gullak’s help to make the children drink their milk. Gullak also knows that the same note is being put in and removed daily. So, Gullak is a medium which connects all three characters involved in the film, the children, the grandfather and the bully.
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