Young Designers 2009

Aishwarya Arumbakkam
Film and Video Communication | GDPD
On-Air Promotion for Disney Channel & Hungama TV
Guide Akhil Succena
Sponsonr The Walt Disney Co.(INDIA) Pvt. Ltd.; Mumbai
> Promotional videos
> Children’s channel
> Brand identity
> Education and entertainment
My diploma project consists of four on-air promotional videos – one edit and graphics based and the other three shoot based which I produced for the Disney Channel (English) and Hungama TV (Hindi).

The four promos are: Movie Sell for Andaz Apna Apna (35 seconds), Two Generic Promos for Kya Mast Hai Life – (20 seconds, 40 seconds) and a Contest Promo for Laughter Ki Balti. (48 seconds).

The objectives of my promos are to promote the content of the movie, to promote and reiterate brand values of the channel and to increase direct viewership to through interactivity. The design process involved research, conceptualization and production.
Since I have already made several individual short films earlier, the value-addition in terms of learning about the craft of film were limited . The learnings from this experience centered around the practical nuances of working in teams. At Disney, the promo team produces promos for Disney Channel, Hungama TV and JETIX.

This experience helped me meet and work with many different people with many different work-styles. I am really pleased about being part of a children’s channel. Communicating to children is a lot of fun. Intelligent information needs to be conveyed so that it is understandable and more importantly enjoyable. I learned to educate children in an entertaining way. Working with Disney and Hungama TV has been an excellent experience because it allowed me to venture beyond the familiar and expand my talents. I have learned a lot about myself through this process.
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