Young Designers 2009

Prachi Mokashi
Film and Video Communication | GDPD
Nodir Gaan
Guide Arun Gupta
Sponsonr Ford Foundation - NID Diploma Scholarship
> Bhramaputra
> River/Northeast
> Culture
> Environmental conservation
The rhythms and melodies of a river are much like a song. Both hold the traditions of the past and pass them downstream to generations of the future. The Brahmaputra is one such river. In Assam, it is home to many people who hail from different parts of India. From the hardworking fisherman to the mother who sings to her newborn as she weaves vibrant patterns on a wooden loom, every community that shapes its life around the river has a story to tell.

It is these stories that my film Nodir-Gaan narrates; stories of the anonymous but heroic negotiations with the many moods of the river, which communities situated near and around Guwahati make as a part of their everyday life.

The making of this film has been an intense experience. By capturing facets of the river and chronicling the lives of its people, my hope is to provide a window to cultures that have lived in harmony with nature for many generations. In an oblique way, I wanted to delve into the topic of environmental conservation, trying to understand the many lives that will be affected if we do not take action to protect the environment. There is a lot to be learned from riverine societies in terms of how man and nature integrate.

The professional aspects of making a movie by definition involved making choices, which led me to intense introspection in my personal life. Being from Guwahati, I feel blessed that I was able to get in touch with my cultural roots through making this film.
Communication Design
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