Young Designers 2009

Sarah Da Costa
Film and Video Communication | GDPD
Military Mom
A Short Fiction Film
Guide Arun Gupta
Sponsonr Edumedia Pvt.Ltd., Bangalore
> Parent-child relationships
> Role reversal
> Discipline
> Children's film
My film focused on the theme of Ďunderstanding oneís parentsí when they form rules, make decisions, restrict certain activities. The message my film tries to convey is that parents make all decisions in the best interests of the child.

My film is a children's film. The two central protagonists are a young girl Rhea and her mother. Rhea feels subjugated to her motherís decisions and craves independence. She feels that she never has any fun. During the times when her mother is strict, she visualizes her mother wearing an army uniform (hence the title ĎMilitary Momí). There is constant friction between them.

In the final act, we see that Rhea has become her mother and her mother has become Rhea. Rhea spends the day in her motherís shoes. Initially, she is ecstatic. Now there are no controls or rules, so she can do anything she wants. However, as the day progresses, everything she does somehow turns into confusion and chaos. She starts wishing her mother would take over again as mom . Rhea wakes up with a start, relieved to realize that she was having a dream. But through her dream, she has found a new found respect and understanding for her motherís parenting decisions.

The making of this fiction film was full of twists and turns. I feel that films should not be rushed to be completed in pre-conceived schedules. I have realized that each film is a process that takes its own time and has a life path of its own.
Communication Design
ED 5
Film and Video Communication 13
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Sarah Da Costa
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