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Grishma Verma
Animation Film Design | PGDPD
The Number Game
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For my project, I animated the book titled ‘The Number Game’ by Shreyas Karle. It inspired me with its simple line illustrations and crisp, skillful narration of complex issues. I thought that the medium of animation could sharpen the effectiveness of the message of the narrative.

The book uses a simple visual narrative to describe one of the oldest human emotions – the desire to occupy the citadel of power and reach ‘the top’. This desire causes people to involve themselves in a variety of stratagems to overturn whomever or whatever they perceive as the current manifestation of power. The conflict could be an internal struggle within oneself or with another person.

The narrative has three characters the Boot, the Human and the Sun. The Sun is the sly ‘behind-the-scenes’ mischief maker who instigates the insecure, competitive Human into plotting stratagems in order to takeover the Boot (a metaphor for fear, obstacles, goals, illusions and unrequited desires).

Each seems to need the other to prove its existence. However, paradoxically, the only way to ensure survival is by asserting authority over the other.

The plot is a generic one. Consequently, the narrative will grow in meaning with each viewer’s unique personal interpretation through their own filters.

This was my first individual project which fostered confidence in my independent decision making abilities. What excited me the most was exploring the possibility of how a simple concept may be portrayed in different forms of expression and taken forward from one medium to another.
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