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Gayatri Kodikal
Film and Video Communication | PGDPD
Flights of Sleeping Birds
A Short Fiction Film
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> Gadde Utsav
> Goa
> Tradition and rituals
> Experiential Film
My film attempts to capture the essence of an event that takes place during the performance of a ritual in India, called ‘Gadde Utsav’, which is performed in the Northern regions of Goa, at the foothills of the Western Ghats.

In a sleepy town, there lived a curious family. A grandfather, who was a self-taught scientist/explorer and his two grandchildren. Rati, the elder of the two tells a supernatural incident that happens in the town. Her younger brother pretends he is a spy and gathers information about the town. He realizes that his grandfather has a secret observatory, where he conducts many particular experiments. After that, things begin to change drastically for Rati. It seems as if something else is tapping her brain waves and making her hallucinate. She finds out that she is a descendant of a particular tribe that had come by ship a long time ago, and her grandfather had chanced upon an ancient sea-creature. He got bitten and a secret knowledge spread through his veins. He then predicted a ball of light would come to the village. The village waited, while the two grandchildren ventured into the observatory looking for their grandfather. They will never know that all three of them will never return. They will vanish with the light, which will carry them to a fantastic place that their ancestors created of their own imagination of a long time ago.

This film is a unique independent venture. I am pleased that I managed to connect my previous academic training in psychology to film-making.
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Gayatri Kodikal
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