Young Designers 2009

Swapnil Gaikwad
Animation Film Design | GDPD
Stair N There
Guide Shilpa Das
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> Animation film
> Indian
> homemaker
> working woman
My animation film ‘Stair N There’ aims to unravel the paradox of human nature that each of us craves whatever we don’t have.

The narrative focuses on an Indian homemaker who aspires for the independence and freedom of her neighbor, the working woman. She feels the drudgery and monotony of her own life. One day she sees an intruder in the working woman’s home and rushes there. She manages to wrestle the working woman’s trunk away from the intruder and scare him off. When she looks around the home, she is mystified and confused. The homemaker sees pictures painted by her own child pasted on the wall. She had thrown them away, thinking them to be junk. Other objects in the house have a strange longing as if expressing their desire of belonging in a family. Suddenly, the trunk opens itself inviting her with a golden glow. Mesmerized, she dives into it in the hope of finding the dream destination which will change the monotony of her life. The dive leads her to a strange staircase. She follows the stairs which take her winding, curving down and up, climbing up and down to an opening covered with a lid. She lifts the lid and realizes that she has landed in is her own home! She comprehends that her own life has a lot to offer.

The message of my film is that each of us must value, celebrate and make the most of our own circumstances.
Communication Design
Animation Film Design 9
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Delwyn Jude Remedios
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Swapnil Gaikwad
Troy Vasanth
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