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Abhishek Biswas
Transportation and Automobile Design | PGDPD
Audi Panzerspahwagen
Master's Thesis/Coursework at Domus Academy
Guide Praveen Nahar
Sponsonr Domus Academy, Italy
> Audi
> Global markets
> Futuristic design
> Environmentally friendly
I completed my project at the Domus Academy in Milan, Italy.

My project (masterís thesis) was a study of the future of the luxury SUV, the Audi Q7 for 2020 with an eye on global markets. Audi is a German manufacturer of sophisticated premium vehicles. The key issues were the environmental impact of such a large vehicle, and justifying the exclusivity that is associated with such an expensive product.

I designed a conceptual model of a vehicle the ĎAudi Panzerspahwagení that can replace the Audi Q 7, justify its exclusivity and exist comfortably on the road as well as off it.
The model is a hybrid powertrain system, mating four independent in wheel electric motors, along with Audiís flagship W 12 TDI bio-diesel engine mounted centrally, which makes it environmentally sustainable.

Audiís traditional Quattro Torque distribution is replaced by iQuattro, an electronically controlled torque management system wherein sensors regulate traction in each wheel via independent electric motors. This lowers the overall weight and mechanical complexity usually associated with 4 x4 vehicles. This vehicle is laden with future technologies such as a VR based infra red night vision mode for zero visibility conditions, a snorkel air intake and exhaust system for situations with heavy flooding, and a completely mechanized , electronic differential locking system for low speed crawling maneuvers. It brings in a litheness and agility which has, to an extent, been missing in this typology of vehicles.

Cross-national perspectives acquired through my project on different models of automotive design in Germany and Italy have been a valuable addition to my knowledge base.
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Abhishek Biswas
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