Young Designers 2009

Amruta Parande
Graphic Design | GDPD
Tete-A-Tete With Cellular Gaming
Guide Immanuel Suresh
Sponsonr Sky Design, Mumbai
> Mobile gaming
> Electricity usage
> Cigarette smoking
> Enhanced user interactivity
My project required me to conceptualize and execute a series of games applicable for mobile phones.

I invested time in understanding the technology and the process involved in developing mobile games. I then worked on an already executed game for learning purposes. Subsequent steps involved conceptualizing the game based on market demands and the possibilities that current technology has to offers. At this stage, building the skeleton included conceptualizing out the gameplay, levels, score system and rules. I then developed the gameplay and defined a visual language that enhanced user interactivity. Execution involved optimizing the art work and packaging the game. The title, introduction sequence and navigation were worked upon at this stage.

Game 01 –‘ELECTRICK’ – is a game that focuses on lowering electricity usage. There are several lights that are switching on and the task is to keep switching them off. There are several color coded wies which map to numbers. A winning score is represented in the form of a low electricity bill .

Game 02 –‘KILLS’ is a game intended to communicate the message of ‘not smoking’ The concept focuses on the interaction between a human mouth and flying cigarettes. There is a lung in the background. In the event that the mouth is unable to dodge the cigarette the lung turns black to a certain level. The score is determined by clean lung proportions.

I feel that discovering this project was a gold mine. It assured me that I had the ability to learn, change and grow both as a designer and as an individual.
Communication Design
ED 5
FVC 13
Graphic Design 18
Amruta Parande
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