Bidisha Biswas

Diploma Project Maithili Typeface Design – Reviving a Dying Script
Dr Tridha Gajjar

Ford Foundation

Maithili or the Mithilakshar, an Indic-script typeface from the 14th century BC was used by the rulers of the Mithila region of India and Nepal for almost six hundred years. Maithili is a Brahmi-based script derived from Gaudī, or Proto-Bengali. Mithilakshar remained the dominant writing system for Maithili until the 20th century. This project was about creating a Maithili typeface by digitally standardising the structure of the letterforms, taking historical, cultural, and technological considerations into account. The new typeface, Anya Maithili is a humanist typeface with elegant forms, which were derived from calligraphic letterings to retain the authenticity of the script.