Shreya Pranit

Diploma Project Branding & Packaging Design of a Fragrance Accessory line
V S Ravishankar

Iris Aroma Boutique, Ripple Fragrances

This project dealt with defining the brand promise that the customer should experience from each interaction with several tangents of the brand; and designing a product line of fragrance accessories and its retail communication collaterals keeping in mind the evolved look and feel after the research process.The theme worked on was En Casa, (Spanish for ‘at home’). The products designed representing this soft, dainty elegance of home warmth were a diffuser pot, vapouriser, glass candle, glass jars, pillar candles and fragrance sachets. The fragrances chosen were floral based and called Vitati, meaning ‘lady’ in Sanskrit. Additionally, packaging and their graphics for the products were developed.