Nasheet Rehman

Diploma Project Automotive Lifestyle – Indian Consumer Lifestyle Profile
Krishnesh Mehta

Johnson Controls Automotive Ltd.

In the context of an increasing diversification of the Indian automobile market the old familiar “consumer mapping”, and categorisations of the consumer according to income, demographics, gender, and age have become near redundant. The objective of this project was to build typology of automotive lifestyles of Indian consumers based on the understanding of how their individual lifestyles influence their subconscious decisions regarding their choice of a vehicle. The open-ended research was based on relevant factors, which shape the relationship between vehicle interiors and the consumers’ lifestyles.Special design research tools like Situation Projection, My-car story, Metaphor Elicitation and Engaging Discussions were used to bring out the information from their subconscious. Patterning and clustering were used for the analysis and synthesis of the data.