Treesa Mary

Diploma Project Braque Collection – Reinterpreting Form and Furniture Through Cubism
Sajith Gopinath

Iqrup & Ritz Design Pvt. Ltd.

The project objective was to come up with a collection of a coffee, side and console tables for the living room whose design drew singular attention to them. The final collection, named after one of the pioneers of cubist art and philosophy, Georges Braque, is an attempt to reinterpret form and function through cubist principles. Cubist artwork is based on geometry. The visual character of the collection was aimed to be a blend of contrasting elements and harmonious yet asymmetrical forms. To effect the same, curves, rectilinear forms and basic yet contradicting geometric shapes were used. This was again emphasised by the use of material combinations such as metal, stone veneer and wood. Plywood joinery with wooden screws was used for its simplicity, durability and ease of manufacture.