Deepanjana Chakravarti

Diploma Project Multimodal Internet Communication Device for Elderly
Dr Jignesh Khakhar

Intel Technology

In sharp contrast to its younger counterpart, the older generation often lags behind in managing the rapid, sometimes overwhelming deluge of information coming from multiple sources. Geographical isolation of families in the modern times necessitate evermore the older generation to adapt to newer technology so they can stay connected and be self-reliant, the challenge of which leaves many feeling frustrated, out-dated and diffident. Drawing from the form and functionality of a radio, ORY is a device with multimodal interaction that “broadcasts” personal news to the elderly in the form of updates on their social media accounts, emails and instant messages using touch, voice and visual mediums. A unique, simplified interface of “app stations” that users can “tune” into provides access to specific information thereby reducing complexities of the platform and encouraging the user’s confidence.