Siddhartha Shanker

Diploma Project SS-17 Collection for Brand Flying Machine & Denim Biker Jackets for Ed Hardy
Amit Sinha

Arvind Lifestyle Brands Ltd.

The project aim was to design a range of protective jackets for bikers. The aesthetics of the road, dividers, road markings, lane indicators, and lines were taken as inspiration to augment the rugged look of the jackets. To cater to the functional aspect of protection, injury-prone areas were investigated and riding positions from the ergonomic point of view were mapped. Features like impact protection, abrasion resistance, waterproofing and thermal regulation capabilities were incorporated into the design of the jackets. Spacer fabric, mesh knitted fabrics and other polyester knits were explored in combination with denim. In addition, a range of casual t-shirts for young men and kids was also designed.