Rishika Namdev

Diploma Project Daslakhiya – A Documentary Film on the Baiga Tribe of Madhya Pradesh
Arun Gupta

Self Sponsored

Fences are built to determine ownership and create boundaries and partitions. The indigenous tribes, especially the Baigas, have inhabited the forests of Kanha National Park in Madhya Pradesh since time immemorial. However, now they are forced to evacuate as it “belongs” to the government. The evicted tribals who have been promised to be given 10 lakh rupees are recognised as ‘daslakhiya’ (daslakhiya means one who has 10 lakh rupees). This film attempts to give voice to these tribals, portraying their struggle and hardships with the complexities and issues related to the resettlement policies. This film unveils the plight of practically every tribal in India.