Supriya Soni

Diploma Project Tossa – A Collection of Home Furnishing and Fabrics and Lifestyle Products
Vijai Singh Katiyar

Innovation Centre for Natural Fibres (ICNF), NID

This project aims to enhance the richness of jute fabrics with various textile finishes, washes and other surface applications, solving various problems faced by industries with jute fibres given its unique characteristics. Techniques were chosen to maintain minimum time and energy involved in production. A few products were made keeping in mind the production capabilities and strengths of women’s self-help groups or small group of artisans, sustaining the magic of handmade work. The entire project was summed up in two collections of home textiles, and one collection of lifestyle products for the UK market. These three collections comprised of cushions, curtains, floor seating, comforters and lifestyle products like handbags and shopping bags for women.