Prerna Thakker

Diploma Project Handcrafted Ceramic Jewellery – The Earthen Treasure
Neelima Hasija

Windglaze Studio Pottery

The project aims to add a new dimension to the general perception of jewellery by studying existing jewellery attachments and combining them to create a commercially viable product depicting more finesse, class, and value, economical in the production scenario and with minimum out-sourcing of skills. It also attempts to create awareness about the advantages and properties of ceramics. The final deliverable was a range of lightweight contemporary handcrafted unique ceramic jewellery collections, with single-fired ceramic pieces and simplified motifs, created using the slip-trailing technique. With five different collections – Agate, Swirl, Ambi, Chandramukhi and Lustre, and variety in colour, finishes, assembly and product-range, these affordable products are perfect as gifts and accessories for various attires and occasions.