Sneha Mundari

Diploma Project Aabua Paika Kabu Bageya (We Won't Let Go Our Paika)
Arun Gupta

National Institute Of Design(Ford Foundation Grant)

Paika is a film about a martial art dance form. More than a medium of entertainment, it has a social significance as it has preserved historical incidences, struggles and triumphs of the Munda community through the ages. This film is made through an understanding of the lives of the Munda community as an outsider and an insider. The film is a narrative strung together with stories and songs of Pandeya Munda who has been an ardent exponent of this art form for more than 25 years. The film is in Mundari language and is interspersed with interviews with Pandeya who talks about the disappearing culture and the invasion of modern music.