Nandana Chakraborty

Diploma Project Mamta Card Project – Information, Interface and Graphic Design of Mamta Card
Rupesh Vyas

Integrated Design Services (IDS), NID

In Gujarat, a comprehensive health protection card called the Mamta Card is used as a tool for recording health information of pregnant women, lactating mothers and children till the age of three years. It also serves as a document for families to learn and understand positive practices for achieving and monitoring the good health of the mother and child. Information design interventions were implemented to fill in the gaps in the system like inconsistencies in the recording and management of data, registers, etc. and discrepancies in monitoring information, counselling methods and interpersonal communication between health workers and beneficiaries. The final outcome of the project focused on creating instruments under two categories: information, interface and graphic design of Mamta Card and Information design of counselling data through Counselling Cards.