Debanshu Bhaumik

Diploma Project Portrait of the Imagined
Rishi Singhal

Self Sponsored

Representation is the portrayal of the imagined through a form of expression, either auditory or visual. Pictographic representations began with cave paintings: today they stand at 360-degree panoramic views and 3D cinemas. The project speculates a future scenario set in 2035, peeking into a room of a photographer who is trying to recreate a painting from the 1700s. In the process, the photographer gets lost in the never-ending aspiration for creating a masterpiece of a different kind. The exhibit and the experience created in the space tries to initiate discussions around the subjectivity of the photo-realistic representations today, along with privacy and security of shared information. It also tries to raise a thought about the loss in tactile perception due to the digital fleeting of representations.