Shibu M

Diploma Project Innovation Oriented Footwear & Accessories for Louis Philippe
Amit Sinha

Madura Fashion and Lifestyle (Allen Solly)

The project focused on an innovation oriented development of accessories such as footwear, belts and wallets for the client in sync with the trends of Spring-Summer 17. The concepts worked on were – Sewn Luxury inspired by Lucknow motifs and patterns, developed in new ways by adopting traditional techniques; Disguise, taking the essence of the Venetian masks, the footwear coverts its identity from a formal to party footwear; Renewed Future, environmentally friendly, made out of chrome free and natural materials; Breathable Geometry, exploring modern fashion sneakers for summer evenings through the concept of perforated surfacing shoe, meshed up shoe, 3D printing and weightlessness; and Luminescent, exploring the use of reflective material and glowing thread.