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Mixed Reality Based Onboarding Experience for Simulation Training

Hari Kumaran Babu

Mamata N Rao

The objective of the project was to understand the mixed reality domain and create an on boarding experience for simulation training of emergency response teams on a conceptual basis. Research on literature surveys, articles and guidelines given by Microsoft on HoloLens was conducted by Hari along with testing and understanding the interactions and limitations that occurred during the process. Designing involved understanding the context with respect to HoloLens, user experience and documentation updates, the analysis of which was presented as an infographic.
Design development began with a rough information architecture and first level visualization in the form of sketches which later translated into a complete storyboard of the workflow. The validation happened with prototype testing and identifying positives and negatives from the micro tests leading to multiple iterations of the concept workflow. It was a challenge to provide simplified experiences to the user, working on the strengths while being wary of the limits and creating the best experiences possible for the Spime.