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Bedroom and Living Room Furniture Range Design in Engineered Wood

Nivedita Saikia

P Rama Krishna Rao

Furniture is one of the most basic requirements for any home. Bedroom and living room furniture get special attention and prime considerations for selection including aesthetic appeal, durability and affordability. The scope of Nivedita’s project was to study existing production facilities for engineered wood furniture to understand manufacturing techniques for affordable products. Current furniture options in solid wood and plywood are not just expensive, but boxy in design, making the look repetitive and visually boring.
Nivedita’s aim was to use MDF - a cheaper option, to develop a new aesthetic language for bedroom and living room furniture in a certain price range. Research helped iterate the various design possibilities. Since the design was to be developed for a range with multiple storage products each having a different functionality, the form was kept different for each product, retaining uniformity in the details. Prototypes were designed with scaled down mockups followed by manufacturing in Malaysia.