Discipline Faculty

Conceptualizing and Developing a Digital Solution for Bosch Connected Industry Portfolio as Part of Industry 4.0

Dipti Garima

Aneesha Sharma

The aim of the project was to come up a with a digital platform to co-relate people, processes and production with data and provide real-time visibility to all stakeholders from the shop floor to the top management. The project involved the understanding of the automotive supply chain and their ever-evolving needs and demands in parallel with the fast-paced development of technology. The same was followed by market and trend analysis and an in-depth study of different smart manufacturing solutions of Industry 4.0. Research helped understand the major challenges faced by an OEM.
Through her role, Dipti tried to understand and address the underlying needs of various stakeholders of a manufacturing plant at all stages, starting from planning of the manufacturing needs, material procurement, quality check, production and maintenance. A solution was designed for better integration of the shop floor with its people and processes to help reduce complexity.