Discipline Faculty

Machine Assisted Creativity

Neel Kadia

Dr Jignesh Khakhar

From the ancient Egypt wall paintings, homo sapiens have evolved to painting graffiti on the streets and drawing on iPads through a stylus. Today, we have come from cave walls and canvas paper to digital artboards on computer and mobile software. During this process of transition, humans have explored different mediums of expression and crafted their tools to express themselves.
Neel dived deeper into the understanding of human creativity, tools and mediums of expression by focusing on technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. He speculated about the ‘creativity to creation’ culture by studying changes in manual-machine participation. Understanding how the continually evolving computers can foster and suppress the human capability of creating, was his focal point. He tried to find a synergy between humans and machines to become co-creators and speculated on the possibilities about the future of creativity.