Discipline Faculty

Designing GIS Application for Vadodara Municipal Corporation

Priyanka Meena

Aneesha Sharma

During the course of her project with Nascent Infotechnologies, Priyanka had to design a Smart City Solution for Vadodara Municipal Corporation (VMC). The project aimed to identify and understand the VMC system and provide a web-based Geographic Information System (GIS) application, that would cater to viewing, analyzing and utilizing the geographic information needs of different departments. A smart city uses digital information and communication technologies to enhance the quality and performance of urban services, to make lives of citizens better.
Priyanka designed applications that would enable citizens to be proactive regarding incidents occurring around them through a Smart City Map and the possibility to increase awareness for local events and history which was ensured by the City Layers application. The applications offered capabilities such as holistic planning and functioning, geodata visualization, sharing and analytical capabilities and were highly efficient to meet the need of Municipal Corporations as well as other sectors of geospatial data users.