Discipline Faculty

KMC: Kangaroo Mother Care Device

Pratik Raj

V S Ravishankar

KMC device is wearable for low birth weight infants which is in tandem with the natural procedure of a Kangaroo Mother for her children. The idea is to be holistic in reference to domestic context. The device works for the care of pre-term infants, carried skin-to-skin with the mother or father in a powerful, easy-to-use method to promote the health and well-being of infants. Pratik worked to design wearable tech by studying and analysing the child’s as well as the parents’ perspective along with the cultural and social factors keeping in mind the target audience using NICUs in government or semi-private hospitals.

The project also includes application development to be used in sync with the device. The design and user experience were made as seamless as possible for the use case as any negligence could become life endangering. The design is currently in development and deployment stage and data is being collected for the same.