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Enhancing Air Cooler Experience during Power Cuts

Raja Raja Sandeep

S Guruprasad

The project started with an on-field research to understand the market and potential user of an inverter circuit. Commencing with a design brief with wide scope, Ankur learnt how to draw substantial inferences and opportunities to narrow down to a more defined brief by understanding the related manufacturing processes and assembly lines. He managed to overcome manufacturing constraints and provide alternate solutions without compromising on the design. Before he started building it was crucial for him to understand the goals and needs of the organisation.

The concept was brought to a mock-up stage showcasing the final form, colour and finish to be further validated through a series of tests in terms of usability, technology, performance and efficiency. The scope of the project included designing a customised inverter circuit, alpha prototyping of the entire design-form and functionality with actual materials to carry out the standard tests for performance, safety and reliability.