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Redesigning the Experience of Online Collaboration Tool: OAM (Object Attribute Manager)

Juhi Vipul Shah

C S Susanth

As part of her project with Somany Ceramics, Bengaluru, Juhi had to conceptualize and design an interactive experience centre around the concept of highlighting tiles as a finished product while the rest of the interiors had a raw and under-construction theme, to complement the product in display. Juhi’s challenge was to portray products that are seen around all the time such as tiles and sanitaryware, as pieces of art and innovation. This was achieved by showcasing the store as a ‘Design Excellence Centre’ where customers, architects and designers could be inspired by the displays and use the platform to innovate further.
The store was visualized as an interactive and engaging 7300 square feet of space.
A highlight wall to showcase raw materials and design inspirations, live demos on tiling processes and a workshop area to try out tile-making and cutting was created. Inspiration zones and an architect’s lounge were added to enrich the user experience.