Discipline Faculty

Customer Experience in the Age of AI

Lavanya Siri D

V S Ravishankar

The relationship between humans and machine is shifting dramatically from apps towards virtual assistants, chatbots and social bots. As our daily lives become more integrated with virtual assistants and conversational bots, virtual assistants are to be designed on the basis of consumer information related to a brand. Undoubtedly, the chatbots and other conversational AI are excellent marketing strategies across companies in any industry. But the question is how businesses use CUIs to generate new leads, increase user engagement and seal more conversions.

Conversation is a great way of achieving clarity of thought and to engage a user with an interface. The friction of usage had to be reduced and appropriate motivation needed to be designed intelligently to keep the interaction delightful. The project took a systematic approach to design guidelines for building effective conversational user interfaces. The proposed framework helped Lavanya to build multiple, scalable chatbot solution without compromising on the customer experience being delivered.