Discipline Faculty

Designing a Payment Collection Tool (Account Receivable)

Aakash Anand

V S Ravishankar

Numberz Account Receivable is a B2B solution which can speed up accounting by compiling one’s bank account with records held on the spreadsheet. It automatically reconciles the account using matching rules applied by the application. Akash’s brief was to design payment collection and reconciliation method for the SMEs which could minimize inconvenience, eliminate money-chasing and establish trust. An agile process was followed to get the results and every feature was validated by the stakeholders before its development.

Akash constantly improved upon his outputs based on the user feedback and tested it out to find if it suited the user requirement. The final mock-ups were a result of extensive iterations and feedback from the users, stakeholders and mentors. The prototypes not only have features but also include an emotional aspect of the product to create a positive experience which would greatly increase the tool usability and make it widely accessible to a majority of the audience.