Discipline Faculty

Smart Asset Tracking

Srijith Mohan

Vipul Vinzuda

The primary aim of the project was to understand and study the online grocery ecosystem and understand the key problems associated with the movement of crates from distribution hubs to homes. Big Basket was selected as the client model, owing to its success in leading the industry with its inventory-based ecosystem. Srijith’s design process flowed through data collection, identification of key gaps and opportunities and generation of solution cards.
The final solution was derived in the form of a 10-year plan with the introduction of an all new crate pallet system concept leading to the grocery van concept in 2027. The crate was designed for improved smart functionality and the grocery van for sustainability of the product cycle. ‘Project Ugao’ would encourage consumer participation in a community based agricultural program, being a pilot service from Big Basket. Digital service interactions, based on devices used by two unique user personas in 2027, have also been illustrated.