Discipline Faculty

A Design Research Inquiry into Rituals of Indian Kitchen

Nikhil Nikhil Kumar

Dr Subir Das

Somfy Innovation Centre brings better life experiences with smart home automation solutions by understanding the Indian home flow management. The project is a design-based research investigation into the rituals of people around an Indian kitchen. The findings in the project make way for reflection on user’s hidden needs through behavioral insights. People’s inability to consume complete nutritional food even when surrounded by accessible resources pointed attention towards the opportunity around millennials’ lifestyle using automation. A framework emerged as an opportunity theme led to designing a practical solution of a completely nourished food ritual for Millennial couples to assist in achieving health goals with convenience. The document of insights with opportunities and explorations would trigger further solutions for the Indian kitchen. The next phase would include mock-up for form exploration, user validation of value proposition, functional prototype of product, app with user testing and aesthetic render with CMF research.