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Eco friendly Alternatives for Food Takeaway Packaging

Saira Fabian

V S Ravishankar

This study investigates the possibilities of alternatives to plastic food takeaway packaging. The process involved stakeholder engagement surveys at local government institutions, vendor establishments, field visits to the waste management facilities and residential establishments. The current market analysis revealed a staggering 51 tonne plastic generated out of single-time used plastic food packaging. Around 18 tonne plastics is lost to the environment or burnt on open roads. The study evaluated the existing food takeaway packaging systems and exploration of alternative materials. The concepts of sustainability, closed loop design and scalability were experimented in developing the product. Saira learnt how Kudumbashree, the largest women enterprise in Kerala, has played an effective role in the service and manufacturing of food packaging. The study aimed to develop a decentralized system locally set up for manufacturing eco-friendly packaging and is effectively managed by the local citizens. The solution enabled the citizens to bring about desirable change in the system.