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Feature rich comfortable Passenger Seat for Intercity Travel

Nutan Dilip Ghodake

Dr Subir Das

The project was an opportunity to design a seat for deluxe, inter-city passenger buses with advance features, elegant look and comfort for diverse users. The proposed design had to be simplified as per customer requirements as well as for manufacturing facilities. Modification of the functional parts such as seat controls and accessories with additional features were a primary focus. Nutan’s research included ergonomic and anthropometric study along with surface development and 3D modelling. The seat of traditional buses was aesthetically modernised by executing scientific radius, depth, foam and padding.

Questionnaires, interviews and surveys were done to collect feedback from travellers. The process of data analysis included design factors to uncover the research findings and set a theme to bridge the gap between user feedback and future design. Detailing, material and design-testing and product reviews were taken into account before finalising the prototype. Being a traveller herself, designing a comfortable seat for buses was a satisfying project for Nutan.