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A Water Saving and User Friendly Method of Dispensing Water

S Nikhil Das

V S Ravishankar

The graduation project is an attempt to solve the problem of water scarcity through design intervention by reducing water wastage at point-of-use. The most common product used for dispensing of water, tap, was chosen to be redesigned. ‘deuseTap’ is a result of conscious effort to cut down water wastage at every step of using a tap. Research included studying the existing products, patents and innovative concepts along with various stakeholders such as users, plumbers, sellers and makers. It also involved video ethnography and physical-cognitive task analysis of operation of the tap.

Ideas were evaluated based on relevance to saving water, usability, hygiene, semantics, affordability and novelty. The design interventions brought notable reduction in consumption of water as envisioned at the beginning of the project. The future scope involves making a working prototype which incorporates the final form. There is also a possibility of development of a version which can be retro-fitted to existing taps.